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We have invested nearly $2 million to help out young South Australians via the Youth Opportunities program.

July 2018

This personal leadership program is offered to Year 10 students in schools across metro and regional South Australia.

Using positive psychology and cognitive therapy, the program engages and extends participants knowledge and skills in areas not typically part of their schooling but that are crucially important to life.

Topics include:

- self-confidence and self-esteem

- positive communication and relationships

- motivation for school or study

- goal planning and finding career pathways

- dealing with bullying and other negative experiences

- leadership

The results speak for themselves.

For every $1 invested in the program, $7.99 is created in value to the community. In 2014 Youth Opportunities saw a benefit in excess of $9.5 million returned to the community.

For more info about the program, visit youthopportunities.com.au

We are proud Supporters of

Youth Opportunties

The Youth Opportunities Personal Leadership Program is a one day per week training program that runs over a school term. It is offered to year 10 students in schools and organisations across metropolitan and regional South Australia.